Diane grew up in Manhattan Beach in the 1950's.  The decade where Bridgette Bardot and the Bikini was born.  At that time it was a simple beach town where kids hung out.  The beach being our endless playground, with sunsets, bonfire beach parties, swimming at night when the waves turned blue from the seasonal phosphorus.  The guys found their souls in surfing, and the girls in their bikinis watching them surf.  Music, surfing, flirting with boys was our fun.  

Diane’s Beachwear began in Spring of 1962.  The first store opened was Mickie’s Swim Shop located next to the Manhattan Beach Pier in Southern California.  It was a tiny 150 square foot store opened by Diane’s mother, Mickie Bandle.  The store was outgrown in a very short period of time and was relocated to a larger location just one block up. Mickie's custom made bikinis were the talk of the town. 

Realizing this company was a unique specialty retailer that was in demand by women, the company began to expand.  
Diane Biggs took over the company and grew the number of locations throughout California and Arizona, including an 
E-Commerce website.  Diane’s tremendous success within the beachwear industry is due to the Company’s true passion for swimwear and dedication to supporting women to experience and celebrate their unique style.